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Selfie SPORT Stick® Extendable Wired Self Portrait Monopod for iphone 5,5s,5c,6 plus Android & Samsung Galaxy. Strong Compact Sports Quality Design for Everyday/Travel or Extreme Sporting Pictures/Video

  • BUILT SPORTS TOUGH. From the Durable Well-built Handle and Robust Quick Shot Button to the Rugged Stainless Steel Extension, we have thought of You.
  • EASY TO USE. Place your Cell Phone in the Secure Holder, Plug the Connector into your Audio Jack and you are ready. It is that Quick. No Bluetooth Pairing or troublesome Batteries to charge.
  • COMPACT and PORTABLE. Our Selfie Stick's folding Pocket Size design, just 7.5 inches, lets you TAKE IT WITH YOU EVERYWHERE. Plus it extends to 32.5 inches to capture those Special Moments Forever.
  • FRIEND FRIENDLY... Seriously it does not matter if you are Snowboarding, Hiking, Running, Rock Climbing, Travelling or just laying around the beach. Selfie SPORT Stick® is built so Simple and Strong, you can feel confident when lending it to friends to Snap a picture of their own.
  • UNIQUE GIFT QUALITY. After you buy one for yourself, we know you will want to purchase more for your family, friends or co-workers.

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